5 Signs You Need Invoicing Software

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Article written by Maria

updated November 24, 2021

5 signs you need invoicing software

You lose in your Excel files

If you spend hours and hours juggling between your email and your Excel spreadsheets to create your quotes and invoices, you know how time-consuming it can be.

But, in addition to being a waste of time, these practices promote errors and the loss of information.

Say goodbye to endless spreadsheets and the hassle of spreadsheets with estimating and invoicing software.


You forget to follow up with your customers

In a relationship with a client, follow-up emails and calls, as well as quote relaunch, are at least as important as the first contact.

If you fail to keep a constant eye on your prospects to relaunch them at the right time, you risk losing many opportunities.

Billing software makes it possible to keep track of each prospect and to act at the right time.


You fail to make predictions

For a company, it is essential to project itself into the future and to have an idea,

if only approximately, of its future results.

Without anticipation, it is much harder to organize and prepare for possible future challenges, which can cause big problems, especially financial ones.

Fortunately, a quote and invoicing software allows you to have a clear vision of your current and future turnover.

You will also be able to carry out a precise follow-up of your receivables. An essential feature, it will prevent you from unpleasant surprises concerning your accounts, the status of which you will be able to anticipate using detailed dashboards.


You often make mistakes in your documents

Invoicing software helps prevent errors on your invoices and quotes by automating the process. Simply enter the list of products or services to be invoiced as well as the quantity of each of them and the software will take care of the rest. It will also determine the correct VAT rate to apply depending on the product or service concerned. 

In addition, you will only have to choose the customer concerned and send the documnt in less than a minute. It should be noted that the customer and the information linked to it will have been previously entered in the software, which will prevent erroneous data. 

Finally, you will not forget any mandatory information, in particular information concerning the product or the provision of services, the date and number of the invoive, the identity of the customer, the method of payment, etc.. 


You don't have a customer database

This is one of the main advantages of invoicing software. It will allow the company to centralize all customer files by listing essential information: address, SIRET, applicable VAT rate, invoicing terms, etc. Using the phone number and email address, you can also set up emailing or SMS campaigns with your customers.


Are you affected by one of these 5 signs ? So don't wait any longer to use a software for managing estimates and invoices and improve your customer management accordingly: Ozénie is a free tool allowing you to easily manage your invoicing and your estimates.




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