Article 1: The use of the services of the company OZENIE

These general conditions of use (hereinafter referred to as CGU) apply in the context of any visit or use of the products (website, mobile application, tablet application and all other services provided) of OZENIE SAS.
All clauses, as well as documents mentioned herein are the elements constituting the contract which legally binds the user to the company OZENIE. The use of the products of the company OZENIE is subject to the acceptance of the general conditions of use by the user. In the event of a refusal to accept these general conditions of use, access to the products will be de facto refused to the user.
The company OZENIE offers products and services intended for users having the quality of entrepreneurs, professionals. Any person having the quality of consumer and being subject to the legislation concerning consumer protection is not authorized to use the products of the company OZENIE.

For any question relating to the general conditions of use, you are invited to contact OZENIE by email at

Article 2: definition of terms

“The OZENIE company” refers to SAS OZENIE whose registered office is located at 29 Avenue de la Mer, 97 434 Saint-Gilles les Bains (Reunion).
“Users” means any person having access to and using the products of the company OZENIE.
“Products of the OZENIE company” commonly designates:

  • The website
  • The mobile app
  • The tablet application
  • All other services provided by OZENIE

Article 3: Scope

The general conditions of use apply to any user, visitor of solutions offered by the company OZENIE.
By using or visiting, the person acknowledges having read these general conditions of use and accepts the rights and obligations mentioned therein.

Article 4: The products of the company OZENIE

Access and navigation

OZENIE takes all necessary and reasonable measures to ensure the proper functioning, safety and accessibility of OZENIE products.
Nevertheless, OZENIE cannot guarantee the absolute operability of its products. The shares of the company are covered by an obligation of means.
The use of the products of the company OZENIE is carried out at the own risk of the users. Therefore, OZENIE cannot be held liable for damages that may result from possible malfunctions, interruptions, defects or even harmful elements present in the products it offers.
OZENIE reserves the right to restrict access to its products. The company also knows the right to be able to interrupt its operation at any time and this without being bound by an obligation of prior notification.


The company OZENIE determines the majority of the content within its products, however it takes great care regarding the information present on them. Particular attention will be paid to ensure that the products offered by OZENIE are as complete and accurate as possible, even when this information is provided by third parties.
The OZENIE company reserves the right to modify, supplement and delete the products it offers at any time without liability being incurred.
OZENIE cannot be bound by an obligation of absolute guarantee relating to the quality of the information present in the products it offers. Therefore, the company OZENIE cannot be held responsible in the event of direct or indirect damage that the user may suffer from the information present on its products.
In the case of downloading via the products of the company OZENIE, the risks lie with the user. Thus, the company OZENIE cannot be held responsible in the event of any direct or indirect damage resulting from this download, such as loss of data, damage to the user’s computer system.
In the case of the presence of content of the products offered by the company OZENIE violating the law or the rights of a third party, contrary to morality, you are invited to inform the company OZENIE by email at; The appropriate measures will then be implemented.
Services for registered users


Access to certain OZENIE company products is subject to user registration.
Registration and access to the services of the OZENIE company is only reserved for people with the legal status of entrepreneurs or professionals. These people must also be in legal capacity to complete and validate the registration form available via the products of the company OZENIE.
During this registration, the user is required and must undertake to provide accurate, sincere and up-to-date information on his situation. The user is also bound by an obligation to regularly check the data concerning him to ensure that they are as accurate as possible.
A valid email address will then be requested for any registration, via which the user will be sent confirmation of his registration for the products of the company OZENIE. An email address cannot be used several times to register for OZENIE products.
The user will be assigned an identifier which will allow him reserved access in addition to entering his password. The username and password can be modified at any time by the user in his personal space. The user is obliged not to communicate his password to third parties.
The OZENIE company is entitled to refuse registration for the company’s products if the user demonstrates a clear breach of the general conditions of use (CGU).


The registered user is entitled at any time to request his unsubscription by going to the dedicated page within his personal space. OZENIE undertakes to unsubscribe as soon as possible following the user’s request.

Section 5: Third Party Links and Advertisements

OZENIE’s products may contain links, hyperlinks to external websites. Any link present does not result from a relationship with OZENIE and the external website.
OZENIE has no control over external websites. Therefore, OZENIE cannot be held responsible for the correct functioning of the hyperlinks, their final destinations when the user leaves the platform.

Article 6: Intellectual Property, User Content, Copyright and Trademark

All information such as data, logos, designs, graphics, photos, trademarks, sound files commonly referred to as “content” provided by the OZENIE company belongs to the OZENIE company. The legislation in force relating to French and international intellectual property law is expressly reserved for the company OZENIE.
All trademarks, registered trademarks, product names, company names and logos mentioned in the products belong to their respective owners.
The content of the user is placed under his own responsibility. The company OZENIE will not be held liable for the user or for the loss or damage of the user’s content which could harm others.
The services may contain discussion forums, analysis services, in which the user or a third party will be able to send user content. Any content published on the public area of ​​OZENIE’s products will be considered non-confidential.
The user must then undertake not to create, publish, transfer, distribute, transmit and keep by any means and through the products of the company OZENIE any information of a private nature of a third party, viruses or any material harmful and other data that could be considered inappropriate.
The OZENIE company reserves the right to withdraw, control and modify without notice any user content whether it is sent or archived on the company’s products. The user will be held solely responsible for the conservation of copies, replacement of user content that will be sent or stored on the products of the company OZENIE.

Article 7: Limited user content license granted to OZENIE

When the user publishes or distributes user content through the products of the company OZENIE, he grants the latter and its subsidiaries a non-exclusive right, free of royalties, to transmit, use, display, produce, reproduce, grant sublicense, distribute, publish, modify, adapt, translate, and create derivative versions of this content.
If the user sends to the OZENIE company or publishes on the company’s products, or on a public space, then all information, ideas, inventions, concepts, techniques or know-how in any way whatsoever (manufacturing, marketing , development) may be used by OZENIE without the user being informed and without receiving any compensation. Thus the user waives any claim.
Article 8: The limited content license granted to the user
The company OZENIE grants a limited, revocable, non-exclusive authorization, and without the possibility of granting sub-licenses, of access to the services, whether to view, copy or print the parts of the content made available by the products offered. by the Society.
This authorization is subject to the following provisions:

  • It is possible for the user to see, print and copy only the parts of the content intended for his own use
  • User may not modify or make derivative versions of the products or content
  • User may not distribute or display the Products or Content except as permitted by these Terms
  • The user is not authorized to remove or modify the trademark copyrights or any reference to the owner present in the
  • User is not permitted to use any data mining, robots, or data gathering or extraction methods
  • The user is not authorized to use the products of the OZENIE company or the content outside the purposes for which they are

Article 9: Fees and fees

The user can find the applicable rates and other user fees on the OZENIE website.
These rates and user fees are subject to change at any time by OZENIE. The latter will however be obliged to send a notice of at least 30 days before this change in prices and user fees takes effect. Changes to rates and other usage charges cannot be made during the applicable billing period in which they are reproduced.
The fact that the user continues to use it after this change takes effect will result in the acceptance of the new rates and user fees.
All OZENIE company products acquired are non-transferable and non-refundable. Therefore the user can not be reimbursed for the products he would not have used.

Article 10: Information relating to payment

The OZENIE company guarantees not to keep credit card information unless the user enters his credit card data with an automatic billing option.
OZENIE strives to ensure the maximum security of all credit cards and confidential information entrusted to it. However, this effort resulting from an obligation of means, it cannot be held responsible in the event of failure:

  • Hosting service
  • Internet intermediaries
  • From the internet service provider
  • Other service providers

The user who uses the products provided by the company OZENIE, this one recognizes that the company OZENIE is not responsible for the security of the information relating to his credit card (unless demonstrating gross negligence or fault intentional on the part of the company).

Article 11: Disclaimer

The products offered by the company OZENIE will be provided as is and without guarantee of any kind on the part of the company, whether express or implicit. Therefore, the company OZENIE expressly declines any other warranty of merchantability, suitability for a particular use, title, non-infringement.
The OZENIE company does not guarantee that the products it offers will be:

  • Compatible with all computer systems
  • Compatible with all software the user may use
  • Available at any time or at a specific time without interruption
  • Available at any time or at a specific time in a secure way
  • Available at any time without error
  • Adapted to user requirements, performance level, features

The company OZENIE reserves a Right of withdrawal or a Right of modification of the products supplied at any time.
OZENIE is committed to doing its best to ensure that access to the solutions provided and use are safe. An obligation of means does not then make it possible to guarantee that the products or their contents are absent from any virus or any other harmful elements.

Article 12: Limitation of liability clause and indemnification clause

OZENIE is only liable for direct losses that may occur as a result of a breach of the present clauses on its part. Direct and indirect losses and damages as well as commercial, profit, data or operating losses cannot be the responsibility of OZENIE.
In the event of a breach of the clauses on the part of the company OZENIE, the company’s liability cannot exceed the amount of the user fees and tariffs that will have been paid during the invoicing period concerned, which cannot go beyond of 12 months.
Users will be able to present calculations through the use of our solutions. The result of this calculation is solely attributable to the user. Thus the user is solely responsible and cannot engage the responsibility of the company OZENIE in the case of the inaccuracy of the information, calculations, or formulas used in the calculations. The accuracy of the calculations, results, content and information are the responsibility of the user who is required to verify them.
When the user agrees to use the solutions produced by the OZENIE company, he also agrees to guarantee and release the OZENIE company and other companies and corporations of the OZENIE group from any liability relating to:

  • Costs
  • Damages
  • Requests
  • Responsibilities
  • Reasonable expenses

Which would be incurred due to its breach of the clauses and other conditions governing the conditions of use applicable to the solutions provided by the company OZENIE.

Article 13: Case of modification of clauses

The company OZENIE reserves the right to modify the clauses at any time. The user will be responsible for frequently checking these clauses.
In the event that the user continues to use the products of the company OZENIE then this will constitute acceptance of the modified or updated clauses.

Article 14: Data processing, confidentiality and data security policy
OZENIE undertakes to comply with the legal provisions laid down by Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and to the free movement of such data (GDPR).
The personal data that the user will provide to the company OZENIE during the visit or the use of the solutions provided by the company OZENIE will be collected and processed by (processing manager) exclusively for internal purposes. .
The company OZENIE assures its users of its desire to protect their privacy and personal data. Also the OZENIE company undertakes to always communicate clearly and transparently on this subject.
The user is invited to consult the privacy policy for more information regarding the processing of their relative data and their rights.

Article 15: Applicable law and competent courts

These clauses and the use of the services will be governed by French law. The competent French jurisdiction in the case of different, requests, cases related to the clauses or the use of the products supplied by the company OZENIE, will be the only one competent.
When a user decides to access the solutions provided by the company OZENIE from a country other than France, the latter undertakes to respect the local laws of this other jurisdiction and undertakes to release the company OZENIE from any liability. in the event of non-compliance with these local legal requirements.

Article 16: Other provisions

If any provision of these clauses is found to be illegal, void or unenforceable for any reason then that provision will be deemed unwritten. Therefore, the validity of the remaining provisions will not be affected.
OZENIE may assign some or all of its rights under this contract without the user being informed and without the user having to give their consent.
The user is in no way authorized to assign one or more of these rights or obligations without having obtained the written consent of the company OZENIE. Otherwise, the assignment will then be considered void.

Article 17: Questions and comments

For any questions relating to the clauses or concerning the use of the solutions provided by the company OZENIE, the user is invited to contact the company OZENIE.
Address: 29 Avenue de la Mer, 97 434 Saint-Gilles-les-bains (Reunion).
Telephone number: 05 62 24 34 18