Le Concept OZénie

OZénie, what is it ? 🤔

OZénie is an application available on any medium with a 100% free base offering the possibility of making quotes and invoices in accordance with the law. OZénie offers many other possibilities: 👉🏼 Features

OZénie, who is it for ? 🧐

OZénie is dedicated to any type of business wishing to make quotes, invoices, use cash register software while having the assurance of being in compliance with the law. But also for all companies looking for solutions to make their management easier. 👍🏼

OZénie, how much does it cost ? 💶

OZénie consists of a 100% free base and additional modules to be chosen according to your needs at very attractive prices 💶. We have different offers that you can find here: 👉🏼 Offers

OZénie, it works on what medium 💻📱

OZénie is available on mobile (Android & IOS), tablet (Android & IOS), web and Windows. All our download links are available 👉🏼 DownloadOZénie

OZénie, is it easy ? 👍🏼

OZénie is very easy to use! Our solution is the result of research to make its use intuitive. And if you encounter a difficulty, we have thought of you by producing tutorials to help you: 👉🏼 Tutorials

What are the real advantages of OZenie? 🤨

If we had to name three out of so many others, OZénie is: ✅ NF525 certification to be in full compliance with the VAT anti-fraud law ✅ A completely free choice of additional modules to add according to your needs ✅ An attractive price Save time and money with OZénie!

OZénie, is that certified? 🤔

OZénie is one of the only mobile solutions today to benefit from NF525 certification (i.e. meeting the legal requirements of the anti-VAT fraud law). This certification is the result of long work to offer you a serene experience. 🤗
You can check our certification via the AFNOR website. 👉🏼certificates.infocert.org
For information, certified is even better than compliant! 👏

Am I in good standing for tax purposes? 📋

Sure ! Our NF525 certification ensures full tax compliance. 🥳

How to verify that Ozenie is indeed NF525 certified? 🧐

Nothing could be simpler, AFNOR (the certification body) provides a register with all NF525 certified software. We are in it! 😀
👉🏼 certificates.infocert.org

Am I safe in the event of a tax audit? 📋

Yes ! The advantage of using NF525 certified software such as OZénie is to have complete peace of mind in the event of a tax audit. 😎

OZénie respects the GDPR? 🤔

OZénie is GDPR friendly 👭🏻! We comply with the GDPR and we assure you the utmost respect in the treatment of your data.

How are the personal data provided? 🤨

In accordance with the requirements, your personal data is treated with the utmost respect. 🤝

Can I use Ozenie without internet on my phone? 📴

OZénie is available offline or offline, so yes it is! ✅

Where to see the add-ons? 👀

On our website you can consult all the additional modules that we offer.
You can access it here: 👉🏼
In addition, we have concocted special offers here 👉🏼 Offers

Can I contact support to make a special request for my company? 🧐

Our company is a software publishing company. We have worked to develop OZénie but we can answer your requests at any time! Contact us and we will be happy to bring you our know-how 👉🏼ContactContact

How do I know which offer is the best match for me? 🤔

Each of our offerings allow businesses to choose what works best for them. If no offer fully meets your needs, you have the possibility of making your own offer with the possibility of choosing only the modules that interest you. 👏