Billing by WebService

Integrate OZénie and edit certified and compliant invoices directly in your existing applications.

The OZénie WebService will allow you to integrate NF 525 certified billing directly into your own applications. (Pricing on request)

It is made up of a series of functions and methods that range from creating the account to generating the invoice and then sending accounting files in the highest market standards (CEGID, Quadra, Ciel, Sage, EBP, etc.). )

Certification becomes mandatory and self-attestation will no longer be authorized as of January 1, 2024.

Eole Concept can provide all Windev, Windev Mobile or Webdev developers with the kernel and HMI of the NF525 in paid open source, thus saving months of development and understanding in the implementation of this standard.

Implementation : Detailed documentation is provided with the plug-in and our specialists remain at your disposal.

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